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Lauren's Lavender Farm

About Forgotten World Gardens

Forgotten World Gardens is four large and beautiful country gardens situated in close proximity along New Zealand’s famous Forgotten World Highway, State Highway 43.  The Highway runs between Taumarunui in the north and Stratford in the south.

At the northern end of the Forgotten World Highway, Forgotten World Gardens comprises the glorious gardens located at Omaka Lodge, Bradleys Gardens, To Whenua, and Lauren’s Lavender Farm.  Although all are country gardens, each is unique and distinct, providing visitors with a wide variety of plants and landscaping to view.  Omaka Lodge and Bradleys Gardens are both rated as 5-Star Gardens of National Significance by the New Zealand Gardens Trust.

The four Forgotten World Gardens are situated within 12.5 kilometres of reach other, their closeness making for easy visiting and a marvellous day’s outing.  As well as being conveniently situated to each other, the Forgotten World Gardens are easily reached from Hamilton (2 ¼ hours), Taupo (1 ¾ hours), Turangi (1 hour), National Park (45 minutes), Stratford (2 ½ hours), Whanganui (2 ½ hours), and New Plymouth (3 hours).

Forgotten World Gardens are located within the Ruapehu District, within each of attractions such as Mountains Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe and Tongariro, the Tongariro National Park, the Whanganui River, the Timber Trail cycle trail, and the rail cart trips.

Whether you’re an individual, a couple or a group, Forgotten World Gardens offers a unique opportunity for four magnificent garden experiences in a unique and beautiful part of New Zealand.  With the gardens being so closely situated, viewing all four makes for a wonderful day out. Enjoy your morning tea while exploring one or two gardens in the morning, head to Lauren’s for tea or coffee and a muffin or scone, and then stroll around
the other gardens in the afternoon.  Whatever you choose, Forgotten World Gardens will give you a day to remember.

The Four Forgotten World Gardens

Forgotten World Gardens consists of four glorious gardens located at Omaka Lodge, Bradleys Gardens, To Whenua, and Lauren’s Lavender Farm.

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To Whenua Garden

Bradleys Garden